St Peter & St Paul

South Petherton, with the Seavingtons

and the Lambrooks

A new baby is a special joy to its parents and a decision to baptise the baby is a way to give thanks to God for the safe delivery of a new child and to enlist God's help in protecting it. At a baptism the parents and godparents make commitments before God that they will help to bring up the child in the image of God and bring the child eventually to Confirmation.

So although a baptism ceremony is a special occasion for the family, and especially for the parents, it is also an acknowledgement before God of the responsibilities that those close to the child will assume in the child's early life, and also before the church family in which the child will be brought up.

It is for these reasons that baptisms are normally conducted as part of a regular Sunday service, when the wider church family are likely to be present.

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