St Peter & St Paul

South Petherton, with the Seavingtons

and the Lambrooks

Annual Parish Church Meeting

Monday 23rd April at 7pm

Please do come for what should be an informative meeting and a celebration of what has happened in our churches during the last year. We also have the serious business both of reviewing our financial accounts for 2017 and thinking about how our finances stand for this year. There are some elections and – praise be – some volunteers have already come forward to fill some of the roles we badly need to fill. (However, if you are still wondering, we will need a second Churchwarden at St Peter & St Paul’s, a Deputy Churchwarden at St James’s, and one or two PCC members.) No you won’t be dragooned into one of these roles at the meeting, but your support for those who are standing for election is very much needed.


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